Neon Waves

Neon Waves

  • 05/7/20

Mesmerizing Bioluminescence Lights Up Coastline

Seen from surreal footage taken this week—a natural bioluminescence phenomenon is occurring all along the coast from Baja to Los Angeles. Tiny bioluminescent phytoplankton light up the water around them when they are disturbed, creating a totally magical effect for all those who witness.

According to Secret LA, Dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedra are microscopic organisms that have a reddish daytime appearance (referred to as the “red tide”) but at night are known for their bioluminescent displays, best viewed from a dark beach at least two hours after sunset, though visibility is not guaranteed.

Glowing waters are a pretty rare phenomenon, according to Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego and scientists don't know how long the current red tide will last. Previous events have lasted anywhere from one week to a month or more.

All photos taken by David Solomon

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