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Five Highest Rated Yelp Restaurants in MDR & Venice

Five Highest Rated Yelp Restaurants in MDR & Venice

  • 11/13/19
The amount of restaurants in Marina Del Rey and the surrounding areas can be overwhelming. Of course the go to for many of us to help decide on a dining experience by the beach is Yelp.com. The five most reviewed restaurants when searching for dinner in the area have a total of 14,585 reviews as of November 2019. We’ve got the breakdown for you here.
Gjelina takes the cake here with over 4,600 reviews for the popular breakfast and brunch spot on Abbot Kinney. Taking a quick glimpse at the reviews left by locals and tourists will show consistent positive remarks in their service but some notes on a lack of pizza flavoring and consistency in terms of portion sizes.

Next up is C&O Trattoria, try saying “pick a place for pasta” five times fast! If you love Italian food and wine this is the place for you! Located at 31 Washington Boulevard in Marina Del Rey puts you less than a five minute walk from the Venice Fishing Pier, and a nice walk along the water really helps wade off the food coma. It seems if you could only grab one thing off the menu their the garlic rolls are “to die for.” Parking in Marina Del Rey can get tricky so save yourself the hassle and use the $6 lot at the beach just 0.2 miles away. The ambiance consists of Frank Sinatra playing softly through the speakers, space heaters in the evenings for outdoor seating and people watching the beachgoers of Venice California.
In third place comes an American Burger spot a bit further from the beach, yet still close, ironically named 26 Beach Restaurant. Find it at 3100 Washington Blvd in Venice. There you will find plenty of burger and breakfast options ranging from Tiramisu French Toast to Lox on Bagels, Salads and Pizzas. With over 200 reviews on this dish alone, their Japanese inspired Original California Roll Hamburger is in a world of its own. Sushi meets hamburger. As explained on the Yelp page its pecial blend beef patty, [with added] snow crab salad, avocado, sushi ginger, iceberg lettuce, tomato, nori and wasabi-shoyu-mayonnaise.” How’s that for a contender in the best burger in Venice competition?
If the thought of Trattoria from Candore Restaurants got you hungry, consider the fourth most rated restaurant as well. C&O Cucina, yes that’s right two Italian dinner spots just eight blocks apart are both in the top five. Again the Garlic Knots seem to be a delicious challenge to not overeat but with unlimited breadsticks and large portions think of it as two meals for one. Leftovers seem almost like a guarantee here. 
Last but definitely not least in this top 5 we have Irori Sushi. This sushi bar on Glencoe ave is best known for the Salmon Blue Crab which sounds like a must have from the dozens of reviews mentioning it. No rice, simply Salmon wrapping Blue Crab with a sprinkle of Truffle on top. The bar has regular seating however for the full experience ask for the traditional horigotatsu seating. Walk in, take off your shoes, place them in a cubby and enjoy stretching out your legs under the table as you indulge in fresh sushi. “Please wait to be seated” has a whole new meaning here. 

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