Here's How To Find A Hidden Staircase That Leads You To A Magical Tide Pool Near L.A.

Here's How To Find A Hidden Staircase That Leads You To A Magical Tide Pool Near L.A.

  • 01/28/21

In Orange County, there's a secret tide pool that can be tricky to get to (but worth it.) Here is how to get there:

 Courtesy of: Secret Los Angeles

Head down the tunnel of plants with roughly 250 steps to Thousand Steps Beach (it adds up when you count the grueling thigh workout back up and you need to fetch something in the car). When you make it to the bottom you’ll be rewarded with pristine white sands, sandstone cliffs, waves crashing into tide pools and even a cave to explore. This hidden haven is actually pretty easy to get to but the steep staircase in the heat can be pretty daunting, even when you’re shaded under the canopy of trees. Then, of course, reaching the tide pools requires a healthy amount of bravery and can be dangerous.

The tide pools are on the north end of the beach (turn left when you reach the bottom of the stairs). If you keep walking you’ll get to rocks that you’ll need to climb over to get to the pools (which are said to be on private property, but really, it’s only the direct access to them that is) but only during low tide as high tide is extremely dangerous. You should also note that the rocks are sharp with plenty of crabs lurking in between them so you’ll want to wear trainers or shoes for this part and make sure you don’t trample any marine life. There are two main tide pools to choose from, a rectangular one and a circular one on the edge of a cliff where you can enjoy huge sprays of water in when the waves crash into it.

Remember, the reason you’ll love this beach is because it’s clean and treated with care, so do your part to keep it that way. Also, be sure to check the tides online before going as that will impact how full the pool is and the access to it.

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