Hike to a Hidden Swing With One of the Best Views of L.A.

  • 10/1/19

A Hidden Swing With One of the Best Views of L.A.

If you’re willing to search for L.A’s somewhat hidden gems, they often involve a trek and an amazing view. The hidden swing at Elysian Park is no different—you just have to find it first!

Swing on Top of Elsian Park

To find this all-in-one view of the city skyline, mountains and coastline, all you need to do is type Swing On Top of Elysian Park into Google maps… Your GPS will lead you to the closest you can park to the trail on Park Row Drive, and you can leave your car there without having to pay. The trail up to the swing is about five minutes long, but it's so worth it!

Sunset Views

We think some of the best times to go are at sunrise and sunset, but be sure to plan accordingly because the park is open from 8a to 9p. Click Here for More Info.


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