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Surf Ranch, Why Not?

I've had the pleasure of working with Anna & David & team for multiple purchases (more if you count the number of friends and family I have referred to them). They are an absolute pleasure to work with. I will give you 5 reasons you should want to work with them too:

1. They are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to their business. I have never met an agent that knows more about the Los Angeles area. Their passion for the business shows in their depth of knowledge.

2. They aren't afraid to give you honest feedback. On several potential purchases, they have given direct/honest feedback which, in some cases, would have resulted in walking away from a deal. They are not agents who push you into a deal, but rather provide their honest advice even if it may risk a purchase.

3. They are incredibly fun to house shop with. Great personality, very personable, lots of humor. They know and care about their clients and their families.

4. They know EVERYONE. I don't think I've been to a showing where they didn't walk in and immediately the other agents. That connection helps when they are representing you.

5. They get what you need. In an incredibly challenging marketplace (LA real estate), you often will face multiple bidders and all-cash offers. Anna & David's relationships with agents and respect in the market become a critical asset in getting an accepted offer. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Anna & David & team.

Andrew Hotz

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